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PES 2017 HANO Patch V2.0 New Season 2020

  • The patch contain Data Pack 1, 2 and 3
  • All winter transfers for all teams 2019 Full 100%
  • All the lists of teams updated for 2019 win last tournament
  • All teams and teams configurations updated
  • All numbers and ages of players updated
  • More than 4000 face and hair cut for 2019 players
  • More than 40 converted playgrounds of Pace 19
  • Advertising for stadiums converted from Pace 19
  • Fans of stadiums
  • Sky Realistic HD for all stadiums
  • Cplay is very cool and close to Pace 19
  • Updated Cor shoes and gloves for the 2019 season
  • All teams are updated
  • Some teams are updated for the 2020 season
  • The teams are updated according to competitions Cuba America 2019, Euro 2020 and CA 2019
  • Style very similar to the bag
  • More than 900 tattoos for 2019 players
  • Champions League update
  • European League Update
  • Mini Vis for more than 12 thousand players 2019
  • Bundesliga, Turkey and Egypt 2019
  • Updated Trainers 2019
  • Graphic graphics of the game updated and wonderful
  • New Music Songs
  • The modernization of stadium corridors
  • Income of the most famous difference
  • The reactions and reactions of players and fans are enthusiastic
  • Automatic Skyscraper by Hero
  • Automatic Graphic by Heroism
  • And more great features in this patch


First Trailer (02/03/2019)
Second trailers (25/04/2019)

How to install PES 2017 Hano Patch?


Patch makers: Hano Mods
And thank you to any site or person who allows me to use any add-ons 
- Added Turkish league of Patch Next Season Patch
- The Bundesliga and Egyptian Bundesliga were added from Patch Professionals 
Thank patcher makers very much for helping me :)
PES 2017 Hano Patch V2 - Season 2019-2020 is a free patch for PES 2017. You can download through 1 server below.
Server Mediafire

Hano Patch 4U

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