PES 2017 HANO MINI PATCH V6 - Some Features Of Season 2022


  • Features

  1. DataBase Like PES 2021 Data Pack 4 + Winter Transfers
  2. Update Players Ratings Like PES 2021 & Data Pack 4
  3. Update Players Faces Like PES 2021 ( +1000 ) + Lastest Look March 2021
  4. Update Teams Kits 2020-2021 + Some Kits 2022
  5. Update Nationals Kits 2020-2021
  6. Update Game Plan
  7. Added New Young Players 
  8. Added Shopee Liga 1 With Full Features
  9. Added Egyptian League With Full Features
  10. Added New Boots & Gloves 2021
  11. Update Graphic Menu 2021
  12. Update Face Light Like PES 2021
  13. UCL Like PES 2021
  14. UEL Like PES 2021
  15. PES 2021 STADIUMS
  16. PES 2021 Turf
  17. PES 2021 Ad Boards
  18. PES 2021 GamePlay
  19. PES 2021 Crowd
  20. PES 2021 eFootball PRO Scoreboard & Replay Logo
  21. PES 2021 Body Style
  22. PES 2021 Mini Faces
  23. PES 2021 Camera
  24. ML & BL Like PES 2021
  25. New Ball Pack 2021
  26. And More...

  • Notes
  1. You Do Not Need Any Pervious Versions
  2. Work Only With Original Game
  3. Size : 5 GB!
  • Screenshots

► How To Install ?
-Download & Extract
-Copy All Files Into PATCH To Your PES 2017 Folder
-Copy Konami To Documents
-Generate & Play

► Video Review & How To Install ?
► Credits 
HANO PATCH 4U - Tauvic99 - Helmy Hatem

► Thanks To
Team Daga - Rean Tech - EsLaM - Facemaker Kodigo - FR Facemaker - Eddie Facemakers - RZ10 - Lord Indratco - WAHAB JR - ALEXKITSX - JOYSTICK KITMAKER - EDERMELLO86 - MARCOS KITMAKER - LUIZSPFCH - YELLOW WOLF 04 - NIKITA23K - KITMAKER DREAMRER - AERIALEDSON KITMAKER - MERYOJU - ARHkitmaker - Syarif Umar - YRF - AZ Mods - MJTS - ALLAH SWT - Zuulfikar_PesEdit - Konami - Gohar Gedo - Mahmoud Gamal - MezoEG - Andrew FaceMaker - Africans Facemaker

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-Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HanoPatch4u
-Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/HANOPATCH4U
-Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/HanoPatch4u
-Blog : https://www.hano-patch4u.com
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  1. اول واحد يحمل الباتش (:

    1. حطلنا الروابط مباشرة أخي العزيز

  2. Este parche tiene las mismas caras que el hano mini patch v3, o le quitaron algunas caras?
    porque yo tenia el hano mini patch v3 y descargue e instale el hano mini patch v5 y no tenia caras que el v3 si por ej: De Paul, Cristian Romero, Kalvin Phillips y otros mas que ya no me acuerdo

  3. Please fix black screen of "pro team patch V6"
    Damn 60 gig and still nothing

  4. pls the ucl kits doesnt match with the original kits

  5. Bruno Fernandes has white eyes can u change it and also the smaller teams also need a bit of real faces ..thanks u doing a great job

  6. Alguien me explica como hacer para que empiece a descargar los archivos?

    1. lo mismo me pasa y aun no encuentro solución

  7. Hi guys been using pes17 HANO mini V5 patch great patch. Now trying to download V6 but part 2 and 3 is redirecting me to forex pages , what may be an issue?

  8. ياشباب انا تعبت مش لاقي حد اتواصل معاه منكم لا من فيس بوك ولا من ماسنجر انا كنت اخر حاجة منزلها ومحملها v4.1
    بعد ماحملت v6 ومشيت على كل تعليمات التسطيب الدنيا باظت

    ضروري حد يتواصل معايا

    1. لازم يا صحبي تكون اللعبه مفهاش باتشات خالص

  9. does it work for cracked version?

  10. يا عم حرام عليك هى ايه الروابط والصفحات الى انت حاططها دى ، عشينر صفحة نكست وعشرين صفحة متابعة وخمسين رابط وفى الاخر نلاقى نفسنا فى اول صفحة تانى ، حرام عليك والله العظيم دى خنقة ياراجل ، مش عرفين نحمل ولا رابط من الاربعة ، ايه العذاب ده ؟؟؟؟؟؟

  11. Cara download gimana yaa?, masuk ke web bahasa arab gapaham

  12. Alguien puede ayudar llego a la ultima ventana para descargar cada parte y nose como hacer para que descargue.

  13. part 3 corrupt Can someone else give it?

  14. the patch dont work the game crush as it begin

  15. no se puede descargar ya intente miles de veces

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. kok shopee liga 1 nya gaada ya?

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. No Sider in the patch folder so game crashes after generation of DpFile 🤔

  19. الروابط حاجه اخر قرف

  20. why game crash when i using v6 but ok when i using v5
    something wrong with v6 version ?

  21. why is crushhing i dot have smoke patch i have clean pes 17

  22. البارت التالت خربان يا كسم الروابط يا عم


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